Space Saving Air Hose Reel Systems

An air hose reel, with a choice of a manual hand-crank or automatic retractable, often comes with a solid construction in high-impact plastic, PVC cased, or all-welded steel, and reels with a narrow design offer complete ease in placement or storage.

A reel with a dual-support axle feature offers an effective solution to cope with the constant vibration seen with some of the mobile tools. A reel with a grade-steel construction offers the most dependable build, so great for the most heavy-duty applications.

An air hose with a 25 to 100-foot length comes constructed in such hardwearing materials as a heavy plastic or rubber and UV stabilized polypropylene. A durable hose is manufactured to cope in extreme temperature conditions – with some retaining its flexibility in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air hoses with a wall-mountable option are perfect in a garage or workshop environment to ensure a hose is always within easy reach for efficient hook-up to a desired air tool. Once a particular task is completed, a hose recoils into its housing or reel for safe storage until the next assignment.

Features common to a retractable air hose reel include –

A dependable wall or floor mounted bracket offers up to 7 securing positions at a workbench, pit or on a ceiling for optimal control and flexibility, non-snag rollers with an ability to move in 4 to 6 directions to eliminate pressure on the hose. Multiple gearing positions or locks to stop a reel at a desirable working length, a angled hose guide assists in providing a smooth retraction and pull-out of the hose, and a automatic recoil system helps to layer the hose across a reel, with no build up at either end.

Cyclone Pneumatic, Neiko, Reelcraft, Legacy, and Alert all construct a range of resilient and hardwearing retractable reels for air hoses, and equipped with high-end features to cope with the demands of a workshop set-up.

Whether it is for a garage, workshop or industrial environment, a heavy-duty air hose reel is perfect to complement the efficient, powerful, and quiet air-powered tools, such as the sanders, air nailers, spray guns, impact wrenches, sanders, and more. welding hose manufacturers

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