A Guide On How To Use The Rockwell Hardness Tester

A Rockwell hardness tester is mainly designed with the aim to test the hardness of a material. It is an industrial product and mainly used in manufacturing sectors. It is suitable to test the hardness of bulk quantities too. This device is known for its accurate result delivery and high performance. To eliminate the vibration of the material a small load applied to them so, that the Rockwell Hardness Tester can show the accurate results. It is easy to use this product as it does not require any professional knowledge. This product is easy to install but it is recommended to use it carefully to get the exact result. It is very cost effective and does not require a huge cost hence; it is a great investment. Here are few steps that help you to understand that how to use a Rockwell hardness tester.

  • Setup A Tester – The first important step is to setup the tester carefully. It is important to ensure the tester is kept in a right position as if it is not in the right position then it will not be able to provide the accurate results. After setting up, it is important to check the dial by turning the bezel.
  • Turn The Hand Wheel – After installing the instrument, it is important to turn the hand wheel slowly. While turning the wheel you will notice a minor pressure on the penetrator but don’t worry that is normal.
  • Set The Barrel – This is the most important step of setting up a Rockwell hardness tester. Rotate the barrel dial until its pin gets reset. Always remember that the upper line of a barrel should always be equal to the hairline of a magnifier. You have to rotate the barrel dial until the pin is reset against the upper fringe of the Lucite magnifier. It is recommended to check the alignment as it should be beneath the magnifier. This will help you to achieve great results in a quick time.
  • Apply The Load – It is important to turn the hand wheel accurately to get the proper results. When you turn the wheel, you can see the results through its magnifying glass. It is very easy to operate a Rockwell hardness tester hence; by following these steps properly you can use it easily.

These points will help you to get the accurate result in a quick time. By following these above-mentioned steps, you can operate a Rockwell hardness tester quite easily. You just have to be careful while settings up a tester as carelessness can leads to danger. rockwell hardness tester for sale

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