Most Inspiring Albert Einstein Quotes of All Time

Albert Einstein is the most recognized scientist of the 20th century. In 1905, at the age of 26, he produced four publications that electrified physics and catapulted him to worldwide fame. In his groundbreaking special theory of relativity, Einstein postulated that matter could be converted into energy (E = mc2). Since Isaac Newton, no one has had such an impact on our knowledge of the cosmos.

While Einstein had a natural aptitude for science and mathematics, he did not succeed in everything he tried. He went to school in Munich, where he felt isolated and confined by the strict educational style. He was an ordinary student with speech issues, which shaped his views on education and human potential.

He is linked to intelligence and creativity. In 1999, TIME named Einstein Person of the Century, showcasing a man full of childlike wonder and a genuine love of others. Here are the best quotes that will help you to motivate yourself. Trusted Slot Provider

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