Health and Social Care

The term ‘health and social care’ refers to the support people receive in order to live a full and healthy life. This is typically given by professionals, but it can also come from family and friends, or even from religious and community groups. It may be given in hospitals, residential homes or the community at large.

It aims to help with everyday tasks like washing and bathing, as well as providing meals, cleaning and medication. It can also be used to support someone with a mental health issue or help protect vulnerable adults and children from abuse, neglect and harm.

A person will only get social care if they meet the criteria set by their local authority. To decide this, the authority will look at what their needs are and how they affect their ability to do things. It will also consider the type and amount of care they need.

If a person’s health and social care needs are met, they should have an individualised care plan. This should detail what support they receive, when and where it will be provided, as well as how their needs can be reduced over time.

In the US, there have been several policy initiatives that have aimed to strengthen integration between health and social care. These include identifying social risks in primary care settings, building new cross-sector partnerships, and financing social care through health care dollars. health and social care

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