Window Shutters North East

Window shutters are an attractive alternative to windows and doors and offer shade, privacy, security, and protection from storms. These exterior blinds are typically mounted above the windows and have side channels that guide slats as they are lowered and raised. They can be operated manually or with a crank, rod, or motor from indoors. Most exterior blinds are made of fabric or vinyl, but metal and wood options are also available. They are a cost-effective solution for energy efficient window coverings. They help reduce solar heat gain and glare, but are less effective at blocking sound and keeping out rain.

They provide a stylish alternative to traditional curtains, net curtains or badly fitted wonky blinds and add value to your home as they are long-lasting. They are easy to operate and can be adjusted by simply moving the louvers inwards to control light & shade, creating a modern look or outwards to achieve privacy. They can be customised to suit any shape of window or door and are perfect for shaped windows, bay windows or bi-fold doors. They are also great for bathrooms and parts of the home that are street-facing offering excellent privacy.

There are several different types of white shutters to choose from including cafe style which only covers the bottom half of the window allowing light in at the top or tier on tier, this is where two sets of shutters are hung one above the other and can be opened, closed and folded back totally independently from the lower shutters – great for large 3 sided bay windows or busy areas. We can also fit full height shutters and our consultants will advise which louver size best suits your needs.

Our shutters are available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and styles to suit your homes interior and architecture. We use the best products on the market & provide a lifetime guarantee on all our work.

Depending on your lifestyle there are numerous design options to suit any space, we offer custom shapes, sizes and frame options, louver sizing & tilt mechanisms. Our designers can advise you on which shutters will best suit your requirements and how they will work in your room, whether it is for a bedroom, living area, kitchen or bathroom, enabling you to get the most out of your home with the added benefits of privacy & light control.

We offer a variety of quality shutters to meet your exact requirements including EcoSmart by Norman, Ultra by Norman, Woodlore Plus Waterproof by Norman, and Wooddy by Norman. EcoSmart shutters are waterproof and resist moisture, shrinking and warping, are low maintenance, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Window shutters north east

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