Why You Need Professional Dating Profile Pictures

If you’ve tried online dating, you know that you need to have a good set of photos to get people to notice and click on your profile. However, many people struggle to find the right photos that are both natural and flattering. This is where professional dating profile pictures come in. A professional photographer will understand how to light and pose you so that your features look the best they can, while also capturing your personality.

Many people think that a simple selfie or picture taken with their phone camera will do the trick when it comes to online dating profile pictures. While these can be okay in some instances, they tend to have a more “posed” and artificial look to them. The other problem with these types of photos is that they don’t capture your smile, which has been shown to increase the number of clicks and responses on a profile. A professional photo will take these things into account, which can make a huge difference in the amount of interest that your profile gets.

Professional dating profile pictures can also help you stand out in a crowd of other profiles, which is another way to get more attention and responses on your profile. These photographers can help you create a unique and fun backdrop for your shots, as well as use tried and true portrait photography techniques that will make you feel relaxed in front of the camera. Having these kinds of photos can be the difference between getting a few matches and having a full inbox of messages after just one week.

The other thing that professional dating photos can do is help you look your absolute best. This is especially important for women, as a study from Photofeeler shows that men and women both see an increase in the number of clicks and engagement on their profiles when they have a smiling headshot on their profile. The best part about having a smiling headshot is that it doesn’t have to be fake – in fact, it’s actually more effective when the subject looks into the camera (not down at it). A professional photographer will know how to work with the lighting in your headshot to subliminally slim and tone your face and hide any under eye bags that may be showing.

Finally, when it comes to the other photos on your profile, don’t forget to include a few full body shots of you in casual clothing. People are more likely to be attracted to you if they can see your personality shine through in the clothes that you wear.

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