What is a Bespoke Suit?

A Bespoke suit is a garment that has been designed, patterned and cut from scratch for a single client. It is truly the closest thing to a second skin that any man can wear. A bespoke suit can take up to four months from start to finish and requires at least two fittings. During this time, the client will meet with their master tailor and go over EVERYTHING about the suit. This includes how the cuff and pants will hit their body, the pitch and angle of their collar and lapel, the lining and so much more.

Bespoke is not to be confused with made-to-measure, which is when a tailor alters a base pattern to fit a customer’s unique measurements. This can save some money and still result in a very good fit, but it cannot compare to the level of customization that a bespoke suit offers.

With a bespoke suit, the client will be fitted with a new pattern that has been designed for them based on at least 25 body measurements and posture images. This results in a suit that fits far better than any MTM suit ever could.

During the fitting process, clients will also personalize the taper, shoulders, pockets, side tabs, buttons, and even how their lapel is styled (notch, peak or shawl). The result is a suit that will fit perfectly and flatters their body in ways that no store-bought suit can. This is why it is so important for anyone who wears suits to have a good tailor that they trust. Bespoke suit

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