What Does an Employment Tribunal Representative Do?

An employment tribunal representative is a person who will represent you at an employment tribunal hearing. They will be able to help you with your case by preparing your evidence, answering any questions you may have and cross-examining witnesses for the other side. They will also ensure that you adhere to any time limits for the hearing.

At the hearing, you and your employer will put your cases to the employment judge or panel. You or your representatives will be able to call witnesses and produce documents. The other side will be able to question the witnesses and ask you questions in return. It is important that you or your representative have a good understanding of the law to be able to explain it to the panel and answer any questions they might have.

After the hearing, you will receive a decision from the tribunal. It will be confirmed orally on the day or, if it is more complex, the panel will need to deliberate and you will be sent a written decision later. If you are not satisfied with the result you can appeal to the EAT within the appropriate time limit.

You can get free legal representation at the tribunal through your trade union or a legal aid law firm, if you are eligible. Citizens Advice Bureau can also provide free legal advice and can point you in the direction of organisations who offer free tribunal representation. employment tribunal representative

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