What Are Vinyl Banners Made From?

Whether you’re creating an event, hosting one, or simply want to advertise your business, custom vinyl banners are a great option for promoting your brand. These pliable, durable plastic signs are ideal for outdoor use, and are usually hung from poles or attached to walls and fences to attract attention. The lifespan of your banners depends on the weather, their exposure to sunlight and other elements, and how well they are cared for.

What are vinyl banners made from?
Vinyl (full name polyvinyl chloride) is the world’s most versatile plastic, and it has been used to create a multitude of useful products. The manufacturing process begins by combining ethylene and chlorine, which produces the liquid waste called ethylene dichloride (EDC). This is then put through a cracking process to yield vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). VCM is then polymerized to produce vinyl.

Most banners are printed on calendared scrim vinyl, a thicker and more durable material that’s budget-friendly. It is often reinforced to make it stronger, and typically has an internal scrim of polyester cording inserted into it. The design is then affixed to this layer, and it’s often laminated for added protection.

If you have a vinyl banner that’s become creased or wrinkled, you can try using low-heat settings on a clothing steamer or a heat gun set to a low temperature. Just be sure to test a small, inconspicuous area of your banner first to ensure that the heat won’t damage the vinyl. When printing your banners, be sure to convert your files to CMYK before uploading them for production. This will help to ensure that your colors look vibrant and consistent on your final prints. vinyl banners

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