Understanding the Different Kinds of Diaper Bags

Every mother knows that a good diaper bag is one of the must-have items if you want to keep your sanity while taking care of a baby. Just imagine how life would be if you had to leave the house with your child and you don’t have a diaper bag to carry all the items she will need.

Therefore, it goes without saying that buying an adequate bag should be included in your to-do list as you prepare for your baby’s birth. For some women, buying a diaper bag may seem like a no-brainer. After all, how complicated could it be? Most are basically the same anyway so you can just pick randomly and you can be done, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

There are several different factors that you can to consider when choosing a bag. For instance, you have to figure out which size you need. You should also check whether it has enough pockets and compartments, which would be essential to keeping your baby’s stuff organized while you travel.

You should also check the durability of the fabric used, and whether it is easy enough to clean. You might also want to look for optional features like matching changing pads, metal feet for when you have to put the bag down on the floor, stroller straps, built-in bottle heating devices, and so on. Last but not the least is that you have to pick a diaper bag that looks good, unless you don’t mind carrying around an unsightly piece of luggage wherever you go with your baby.

Before you go out in search of some diaper bags, it would be helpful to know that these bags come in a few different kinds. If you think that all diaper bags look the same, they you’re in for a nice surprise. These days, bags come in all shape and sizes, and the four most popular types are the tote bag, the messenger bag, the satchel bag, the hobo bag, and the backpack.

Tote Bag
Tote bags are possibly the most popular diaper bags these days because they have a very simple and sensible design. On the average, they are also the largest, making them perfect for long trips outside the house. Totes have multiple pockets and compartments to keep the spacious interior well organized. Women are the ones usually seen carrying a tote because they are usually considered too feminine by most dads.

Messenger Bag
When it comes to diaper bags for dads, messenger bags are definitely the bestsellers. They are definitely not girly and most of them don’t even look like diaper bags, unless you look at the contents. Messengers are also great because while you carry them diagonally across your body, the weight of the bag is balanced evenly to different body parts, minimizing the pressure on your shoulders.

Satchel Bag
Satchel bags are slightly similar in form to tote bags but they usually have much longer straps. Instead of being carried over one shoulder like a tote bag, these satchels can also be worn diagonally across the body like a messenger. However, there are also satchels with short straps like totes. These bags are designed mostly for women.

Hobo Bag
Hobo bags are another type of large bag that comes in many stylish designs. In fact, these bags are a favorite of many Hollywood celebrity moms today. Hobo bags typically come in machine-washable fabric for easy cleaning. Some of the best hobos that you can find these days are those that are included in the Bumble Collection.

Backpacks are another type of bag that is rapidly growing in popularity in recent years, among both women and men. It’s actually rather surprising why these bags were not created sooner because they really make a lot of sense. By freeing your hands, they enable you to attend to your baby or run after your toddler without too much hassle. Also, if the backpack straps are thickly padded, they are very convenient for balancing the weight across your back and shoulders.

Aside from these categories, there are also other types of diaper bags that you can choose from. Also, a new kind of trend these days is the convertible diaper bag, which can easily switch from one type of bag to another with the simple switching of a strap or two. Some of the most popular convertible bags are those that can be changed from a backpack to a messenger bag and vice versa. MK bag on sale

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