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An incredible choice for adding temperature and dampness (and dew point) estimation to the Arduino (and freeduino) is to utilize the Hurimel HS1101 sensor. It is bundles as a little board,Arduino Temperature, Dampness and Dew Point By means of Hurimel HS1101 Sensor Point of interaction Articles roughly 13 x 23 with 4 screw terminals.

The main electrical associations are these 4 – 1 for ground, and 3 I/O pins utilized on the Arduino – 1 simple and 2 computerized. The pin references utilized in this article are taken from a Freeduino BBB board.

The 4 pins on the Hurimel are THERM, Heartbeat, GND and V+. Other than an association with ground on the Arduino, 3 extra pins will be required – a simple and 2 computerized pins. One computerized pin is utilized to give power (+5VDC), in this model, pin 2 is associated with the V+ screw terminal on the Hurimel. Computerized pin 5 can be utilized to count the beats, associated with the Heartbeat screw terminal on the Hurimel. At long last a simple info is expected for the temperature perusing. Simple pin A5 on the Arduino associated with the THERM screw terminal on the Hurimel. Note that a 10k resistor should likewise be put among 5V and simple pin A5 on the Arduino.

In outline, the electrical associations in this model are:

  • Arduino BBB advanced pin 2 — Hurimel V+ screw terminal * computerized pin 5 — Hurimel Heartbeat terminal. * GND pin/association — Hurimel GND terminal. * Arduino BBB simple pin A5 — Hurimel THERM terminal. * simple pin A5 — 10k resistor — Arduino BBB GND +5v DC pin/association

In a future article, the Arduino source code expected to peruse the temperature, moistness and dew point estimations will be examined. screw size chart

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