The Ugly Truth About Making Your Own YouTube Videos

Making YouTube videos is a lot of fun. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment that you get when you see other people watching your video minutes after you uploaded it on YouTube. And to top it all off, you get that feeling of encouragement and motivation upon receiving positive feedback for your work.

But let’s get back to reality for a bit. While making videos and posting them online does have its advantages, there are also disadvantages to it. For example, it acts as a magnet for many trolls and troll feeders that litter the Internet. You may have come across many videos on YouTube where the ability to post comments was disabled by the creators of those videos. Why? Because it is in the video’s comments section that racial slurs and other forms of hate speech are evident. As an individual video maker on YouTube, you should know that you and your videos are subject to public scrutiny. While some may be constructive criticism about your video, others are just hateful comments designed to berate you for creating such content while some take a swing at how poorly your video was made-at least from their point of view.

If the type of video content that you post on YouTube is about your daily life’s events, the more you should be cautious. There are millions of YouTube users worldwide and it should not come as a surprise that even non-YouTube account holders can access and view the various videos posted on it. If you do a vlog-a video log of your life’s events-and post it on YouTube, you have to be careful not to post or state any sensitive information about yourself. Any stranger that could be halfway around the world or just around the corner could know a lot about you, which can compromise your personal safety. This is why you must decide whether the information you are about to divulge in the video is something that you are comfortable sharing with people.

Another disadvantage of making YouTube videos on your own is that the rate of video exposure is very, very fast. After you have created a video and uploaded it on YouTube, within seconds your video will be viewed by thousands of people especially if you have many subscribers. This phenomena is what led netizens-citizens of the Internet-to coin the term “going viral”. Every content creator on YouTube should take this “viral” phenomenon into account. Sensitive information that may have been unintentionally included in a video is available for all the world to see on YouTube-information that may prove to be detrimental to your personal security.

Therefore, deciding whether or not you really want a large number of people to see your videos is important. Although YouTube allows you to immediately remove any videos that you post, the time it takes to accomplish that task may be enough for someone using a third-party program to copy and save the video for their own use.

Being a responsible YouTube content creator is really the most important thing that everyone must strive to be. It will definitely lead to a very nice and safe experience when using YouTube. buy custom comments for youtube

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