The Charm of The Lakes in Da Lat in Vietnam

“Although located in the center or outskirts, the lakes in Da Lat are associated with the legends of love beautiful couples, increases poetic  to the city.”

Ho Xuan Huong Lake

Located in the heart of Dalat, Xuan Huong Lake is considered as “charm” of the smog city. The lake is like a crescent moon  which extends to approximately 7 kms, away many tourist places such as city parks, Parks Yersin, Hill Cu …

In the morning or afternoon, the lake was covered with dew with bird’s gurgling. When night comes, the lake is beautiful with romantic lights from the roadside kiosk. Visitors can walk along the lake, ride horses or traveling by motorbiking, around the lake.

Than Tho Lake (Lake of Sighs)

Lake of Sighs is located 6 km northeast of the city. French name is Las des Soupirs Lake. After 1976, the lake called Suong Mai Lake, but visitors still call it is Than Tho Lake.

The name associated with the legend of the love of the young couples. Story tells that two people love each other earnestly, but as obligations to the country, the man was leaving with his garrison for the north. The girl being equally patriotic, decided not to be a burden in his mind, lest he won’t be able to perform his duties, decided to commit suicide by drowning in the lake. When the time came for the two to meet, He found that she has passed away.

Tuyen Lam Lake

Lake is 5 kms from Da Lat. It is derived from the legendary Tia streams and sits between the vast pine forests. Blue lake year round, rarely have large waves. Scattered among them are the small blue islands.

On sunny days, using canoes or sailing excursions on the lake, visitors will admire the grass-green hill, sloping hillsides. If you prefer, you can visit any one island, sleeping in the pine forest or enjoying the specialty or seafood  at here.

Dan Kia Lake

Dankia Lake is 12 kms from north of Dalat. This is where in 1893, Dr. A. Yersin was impressive when see the beauty of the highland of  Langbiang, and then he has  the idea of building  a resort, the predecessor of today’s city of Da Lat. It is a rich history tourist destination but is only included to serve tourists in recent times. Lake likes as a beautiful woman is sleeping under the vast pine forest. Below the lake, Dankia is a waterfall called the seven-step waterfall.  Tourists can visit here, but should prepare food or water and do not stay in the lake at night.

Da Nhim Lake

Da Nhim lake located on Dran commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province. It is a hydroelectric lake, about 40 kms from Dalat.

The area of Da Nhim Lake is 9.7 km2, at altitude of approximately 1.042m. Ho Nhim hidden under the green pine forest, with soft folds of gliding like an immense mirror. In days without wind, the surface of the lake is so peaceful and without a wave. When it rains, the lake looks like the water drops dancing in a lively song. boat tours flathead lake

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