Teaching Overseas Sports


In an age where sports have become so popular and lucrative, it’s important that athletes are allowed to compete solely on their sporting merits rather than based on their passport or country of origin. These rules were established to protect the integrity of competitions and to ensure that participants are allowed to enjoy the benefits of their hard work.

Playing competitively overseas can take your skill to a new level and challenge you as an athlete. It can also open up more opportunities to travel and expand your perspective of the world. Whether it’s golf, lacrosse, field hockey or basketball, traveling with your team to challenge new rivals and gain first-class touring experiences will help you build skills that will carry on throughout your life.

Teaching sports abroad is about more than developing the game itself, it’s about giving the children you teach a better present and future through the values that sport develops, like teamwork, discipline and a sense of fair play. Projects Abroad is proud to work with the Department of State’s Sports Diplomacy Division on the International Sports Programming Initiative, a series of two-way exchange programs that bring youth and community sports leaders from the U.S. and abroad together to promote tolerance and respect for diversity. 해외스포츠

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