Sidr Leaf Benefits

The sidr (Ziziphus spina-christi) or Lote tree, or Christ’s thorn jujube is an old and well known medicinal and beauty tree that has been used since ancient times for many health and beauty problems. Its fruit, leaves, branches and honey are all highly valued.

The Sidr tree is found throughout the Middle East and has numerous benefits, including its strong ability to fight inflammatory diseases, such as stomach and intestinal problems. It also has a number of antiseptic and antibacterial properties that make it an excellent natural wound disinfectant. Its fruits and leaves are rich in calcium, iron and magnesium, making them a vital component of a healthy diet, while its seeds can help with weight loss.

Historically, it has been used to treat hair and skin problems, such as dandruff, eczema and neurodermatitis, as well as to promote general wellbeing. Its nourishing properties are particularly useful for treating dry and damaged hair, and it can be used as a gentle yet effective alternative to chemical shampoos.

According to a recent study, administration of the leaf extract of Sidr significantly improves the contents of NE, DA and 5-HT in most brain regions after pentylenetetrazol treatment. This is likely due to the presence of peptide and cyclopeptide alkaloids in the leaves. This research confirms the traditional uses of Sidr, which are based on several authentic ahadith and Islamic medicine books. It is also mentioned in the Quran as one of the plants of Paradise, along with the jujube and the zahid. sidr leaves

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