Ruqyah Sheets – Protect Yourself From Evil Eye, Magic and Other Afflictions

Ruqyah is a very powerful and effective way of protecting yourself from evil eye, magic, etc. It is very important to do it daily. It should never be abandoned even if you are cured, as you will remain exposed to evil afflictions if you do so. If you are suffering from any of these afflictions then we highly recommend using ruqyah regularly, especially in the morning and evening. Also, listen to ruqyah audios such as ayatul Kursi and ruqyah shariah, as these will help you.

Ruqya is recitation of verses from the Quran and Islamic supplications in order to cure ailments. It is a form of alternative healing and it is very popular amongst the Muslims. It is a very unique and effective method of self-treatment and it is based on the recommendations of the Prophet (pbuh) and the practices carried out by his sahabah and later generation.

The supplication of the Prophet (pbuh) is one of the most effective ways of Ruqyah. It is recited with the intention of protection from evil eye, magic and other afflictions and it is also used to cure ailments such as diseases. This supplication is repeated over and over again until the ailment has been removed, as it is a very powerful remedy.

In this pack you will receive 2x Quraanic sheets (with 45 ayates and the whole sura Baqara) double sided printed with edible Halal ink, 100 ml extra vigin olive oil ruqyah, 12 incense sticks or cones all blessed to fight seher 20 pounds national postage included in price.Ruqyah sheets

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