Reusable Woven PP Shopping Bags, Paper Or Plastic Bags? Which One Should We Choose?

The grocery stores, shopping malls or supermarkets in your area often give you an option of choosing between plastic (PE) and paper bag for your shopping purpose. Many malls and markets might not even have any option, but offer plastic bags only. But, do you know both plastic and paper bags cause harm to the environment in many different aspects? This is why today the responsible shopper is choosing to use reusable woven shopping bags. Yes, these polypropylene made shopping bags can be a better substitute for the plastic and paper ones.

As we compare the advantages of polypropylene shopping bags with the disadvantages of paper bags and PE (plastic) bags on the other hand, we can understand why we should use these woven bags from now on…

1. Energy consumption — Polypropylene shopping bags vs. paper stuffs
PP shopping bags are made out of polypropylene resins, which are produced from crude oil. Similarly plastic ones are derived from PE resins.

Paper bags are made out of timber of the tree. To get them produced you need to grow a lot trees, then fell the stems, next fully dry the logs and then produce paper pulp. Finally you need massive amount of water to wash the pulp and press it into paper sheets. This process consumes about 4 times more energy then producing PP ones.

2. Sturdiness of woven PP bags
While the PP woven shopping bags can carry almost 100 kg of weight, the paper or plastic stuffs would tear off if they are made to carry heavy load. The PP shopping bags are, therefore, much stronger than other others because they use the PP woven fabric as base materials.

3. Reusable PP bags vs. Disposable plastic stuffs
As we know well PE plastic bags are very thin and often only used one time to carry products from the malls to our homes. Hence, we often throw away after using them for a very short period. This is a huge waste amount that sums up quickly. The waste of disposable bags in landfills also pollutes the environment heavily. The stronger woven PP bags can be used thousands of times for many purposes. So, it causes far less pollution and energy if we replace plastic bags with reusable PP ones.

4. Sustainable solutions have to be affordable
PP bags are cheaper to produce, compared to other reusable stuffs like jute bags, paper bags. A real solution to sustainably help the environment must be economical, so the majority of shoppers can afford to buy and then reuse. Polypropylene bags can be the shoppers’ best choice with favorable characteristics: cheap and very sturdy, long-life guaranteed. Nowadays many supermarkets give shoppers big discount on reusable stuff, so why not buy one nice PP shopping bag, instead of carrying many small plastic ones?

5. Unlimited printings and designs
Another advantage of the reusable PP shopping bags is its printing design. Having a BOPP film lamination they can have unique fashionable printings, that can promote a retailers brand. You cannot find such variety of designs and styles in plastic or paper bags which you can find here. Laminated PP bags for shopping are available in a wide range of attractive colors and stylish designs. MK bag on sale

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