Replacing Conservatory Roof With a Solid Roof

Upgrading your conservatory to a solid roof allows you to use your Orangery all year round as a usable living space that you can enjoy come rain or shine. It will also increase the value of your home and can be a great selling point for any future buyers should you wish to move.

A solid roof provides much better insulation which means that your conservatory will stay warm in winter and cool in summer, meaning you can make full use of your conservatory. This will help to reduce your energy bills and is environmentally friendly too.

Traditionally old glass or polycarbonate conservatories tend to overheat in the summer and become unusable due to heat escaping, but by replacing your existing roof with a Leka solid tile roof you will be able to enjoy your conservatory all year round, no matter what the weather may bring.

The Leka roof system has been designed to be the perfect replacement for your existing lightweight conservatory roof and offers a range of benefits including:

In many cases it is possible to fit a solid roof to an existing conservatory, so long as the existing walls and base are able to support the weight. However, if the walls and bases are showing signs of distress it is likely that remedial work will be required which will add to the overall cost of the project.

There are a number of different types of solid conservatory roof to choose from, so it’s important to find the right solution for you. There are fully tiled options as well as modern hybrid systems that combine a section of solid ceiling with glazed panels which allow you to control the temperature of your conservatory more easily.

The three big national firms, Safestyle, Everest and Anglian all offer a range of solid roof options and are rated well on the Trustpilot consumer reviews website. It is worth checking out reviews before choosing your installer to ensure they have a good reputation and will provide you with the best quality roof at the most competitive price.

Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof is a major structural change to your home and therefore must be undertaken by experienced and knowledgeable tradespeople. The installation process itself will take longer than a traditional roof as there are additional works that need to be completed to ensure the structure is safe and secure. This will include the need to install an electrical system, new sky lights and some re-cladding of the existing walls.

Upgrading your conservatory to a Leka solid roof will create a real room that you can use all year round and it will improve the look of your home too. It will also help to reduce your energy costs and boost the value of your property, so it’s an investment that will pay for itself in no time. replacing conservatory roof with solid roof

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