Protecting Your Property With Proper Attic Insulation

There are many benefits to ensuring that you have proper insulation in your home, the cost of heating and cooling your property can be significantly affected by a lack of attic insulation. Along with the monetary savings there is the environmental concern, some estimates put the amount of energy wasted through improper insulation can be as high as 25% of all the energy used by your household. Saving this energy benefits you financially and the environment as a whole. Also the attic is often where families store a large amount of property, it’s spacious and away from the possibility of flooding that might be a concern when considering basements as storage space. With poor attic insulation your goods might be affected by the extreme temperatures of the height of summer or deep freezing winter.

Proper insulation material that is well installed is effective in a number of different ways , good attic insulation will ensure that your heating and cooling equipment remains effective. In the winter when you are heating your home poor insulation means that a good amount of the heat will escape through the ceiling, as this heat escapes the cold air that sits in your attic will be pushed down cooling the rest of the house. Attic insulation can help in both ways, retaining as much heat as possible in the rooms that require warmth and not allowing the extremely cold outside air to enter. In the summer there is a similar effect with air conditioning, the cool air can mix with the heat of the air in the attic, attic temperatures in some areas of the southern United States have been shown to be as high one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit! Temperatures this high will have a great effect on the cooling efficiency of your air conditioning system, it will also affect greatly anything that is stored there for any extended period of time.

Attic insulation efficiency is rated with numbers called “R values” for older houses built prior to the 1980’s the R value is normally rated around 11, modern insulation materials will have a much higher (more efficient) rating in the high 30’s. If you are considering making a change to your insulation it is often possible to complete the task yourself, although the convenience of professional installation can save you a considerable amount of time and effort. Discussing your questions and concerns with an attic insulation installer can often be easily done over the phone and with a description of the size of the house and any existing insulation you may be able to receive an accurate quotation for your property. When considering the cost of insulation it is important to remember the savings you will experience with your utility costs. With new and high quality insulation material you can feel confident storing your property in your attic, even delicate, fragile items or even items that should not be exposed to extreme temperatures will be safe to store. agricultural spray foam insulation

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