Pressure Wash House – Don’t Do It Yourself

Whether you’re getting ready to paint your house or simply want it to look its best, periodic cleaning with a power washer is a must. And while you might be tempted to rent a machine and do it yourself, this is a job that’s best left to the pros.

Power washing involves the use of jets that spew pressurized water to blast away mud, dirt, mildew, mold, moss, loose paint, rust, and other residue from building surfaces. The high-pressure water can damage materials if not used with care, such as by wearing away paint or blowing window seals. It can also disperse lead-based paint chips and other hazardous debris around your home and property.

The best way to avoid these potential problems is to carefully scrub and rinse the surfaces being cleaned, then rinse with clean water after each step. In the case of your home’s exterior, you should work from a ladder to reach areas that aren’t easily accessible, and make sure to protect plants, windows, doors, and other parts of your home that can be damaged by the high-pressure water.

While a DIY pressure wash can save you money, the process isn’t without its challenges. You’ll need to assemble the right equipment, find and learn how to operate it safely, and then complete your project within one business day (to avoid extra charges). And that’s not counting the time and expense involved in finding, renting, returning, and refilling the pressure washer! pressure wash house

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