Pay-For-All or Pay-To-Play?


In the workplace, a pay-for-performance philosophy rewards employees for the results they deliver and promotes employee engagement. Companies that adopt this philosophy are more successful in attracting and keeping high-performing employees.

The term pay-to-play is also used in the context of Internet services that require users to pay a fee for access, such as online gaming, as in the case of the MMOs Eve Online and World of Warcraft. Alternatively, the term may refer to a business model in which a company charges its customers for premium features, such as extra storage space or advanced gameplay functions.

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to provide single-payer health care, called Medicare for All, would almost entirely eliminate private insurance and require $20.5 trillion in new federal spending over a decade. The Democratic presidential candidate has been pressed on how she would raise the funds to pay for such a seismic shift. Here’s a look at the numbers and her proposed revenue sources. Pay-For-All

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