Omni Dual Saw – Perfect For Precision

In order to complete a job, one should make sure that they are well equipped. Only if you are equipped you can complete the task on time. In fact you may end up completing the task well in advance if you have powerful tools. The productivity will increase with the quality of tools which you are equipped with. Omni Dual Saw is one such thing which will help you complete your task before time.

Omni Dual saw uses the latest technology and has counter rotating blade technology. In this technology, the blades rotate in opposite directions. It helps you get accuracy so that you can avoid the “kickback” dangers, which are associated with other kind of saws. It gives awesome finishing and gives the object perfectly new look. It can be used to cut soft metals as well which do not melt or overheat.

The two blades are made of tungsten and they cut through any object very gracefully. This Tungsten Carbide can be used to cut almost everything and anything. The Omni Dual saw can cut even fragile objects such as glass. You can enjoy working with Omni dual saw. You can save time while you use Omni dual saw. You can switch to various blades depending on the materials.

The tool is known for its ability to “plunge cut” into any material. You need not drill in to pilot holes in order to get a starting point anymore. You just need to pick the place to start and plunge through like a chop saw. Once you plunge cut, the dual counter rotating blades will provide bi directional cutting tactfully. You can move the saw forward and backward at any point of time.

It is very difficult to find this kind of saw in the market. The tool has diverse functionality as it reduces sparks, vibration, kickback, biting and friction most of the time. It is compact and light weight yet safe, which makes it perfect for beginners as well as people with good experience. omnivoid ai

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