Most enchanting rendezvous in North Vietnam

Vietnam has long become one of the most fascinating destinations alluring the great number of international tourists. The impressive natural landscapes,

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 peaceful unspoiled scenery, wonderful beaches and hospitable citizens are always unforgettable impression in the journey of discovering Vietnam travel. In particular, each region of the country has its own charms offering the surprising experiences. Spending a trip to explore the most amazing rendezvous in North Vietnam, tourists will surely be immersed in these wonderful feelings. Vietnam is worth one of the most impressive destinations in the region strongly alluring tourists. Cuc Phuong National Park Deeply located in Tam Diep mountain range, Cuc Phuong National Park is one of the most famous touristattractions in Ninh Binh and destinations in Vietnam. It is Vietnam’s first National Park and also the country’s largest nature reserve. The national park is situated on the territory of the 3 provinces, namely Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa with an area of approximately 23,000 km2. Cuc Phuong is not only the forest with its extremely diverse ecosystem but also an ideal tourist sites in Vietnam tour packages to Ninh Binh. There are many tourist routes and venues for tourists to choose when setting foot on Cuc Phuong such as walking “Botanical Garden”, “Observation towers – A short trekking routes retaining beautiful scenery”; camping and and overnight inside the forest; visiting “Nguoi Xua Cave – one of the residents of the prehistoric people… The best time to Ninh Binh in general and Cuc Phuong National Park in particular is the dry season – from December to April when the intense rain passing leaves a clear blue sky. Mai Chau – Hoa Binh Far about 100km from Hanoi city center, Mai Chau – Hoa Binh is the ideal tourist attraction for those who love to explore peaceful nature and the life of the ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Situated at an altitude of 200 – 1,500 meters above sea level, Mai Chau retains the cool and fresh climate all year around much more attracting tourists. Participating in Mai Chau travel, tourists often set foot on Lac Village – the famous tourist village which is typical for the land and people in Mai Chau. In the tourist seasons, Lac Village is always exciting and cheerful like in festival. Tourists going to Mai Chau include not only young people or Vietnamese families but also the great number of international tourists. In particular, specialty in Mai Chau is credibly diverse, yet the most prominent is sticky rice and honey. Mai Chau sticky rice with its fragrance has long been well-known; simultaneously, it is the memory and the nostalgia of tourists once setting foot on here. Thung Nai – Hoa Binh Far about 25km from Hoa Binh town and about 110km from Hanoi, Thung Nai is the world of charming landscapes with the presence of rivers, mountains, caves and streams. Thung Nai is famous for Bo Waterfall, Bo Cave, Mu Village, unnamed islands floating on the water or the cages of fishes on the lake. It is the home of many ethnic groups, mostly Muong ethnic people. Thung Nai is extremely suitable rendezvous for relaxing moments with family and friends to admire the amazing natural scenery and forget the worries of the daily life. The tourist site annually attracts the great number of both domestic and international tourists participating inVietnam tour. Dai Lai Lake – Vinh Phuc Far about 50km from Hanoi city center, Dai Lai endlessly spreads with lush vegetation hiding inside the splendid villa and hotels with thier own unique architecture scattering along the hillside. The lake surface ripples in blue all year round. There is a bird island up to 4.8 ha wide in the middle of the lake with the green and luxuriant trees. In the winter, hundreds of birds from afar gather here creating the vivid and pristine natural picture. In the evening, tourists can comfortably immerse in the singing of the birds in the bushes or contemplate the sunset on a lake…  하노이 가라오케

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