Matter Residences at Mattar Road, Geylang, Singapore 2023

Located at Mattar Road, matter residences is one of the most exciting new developments to look out for in 2023. Neighborhood groceries like NTUC fairprice and Sims Vista Market & Food Centre are within walking distance. Schools like Canossa Catholic School, Geylang Methodist School and Macpherson Primary School are also nearby.

Do I need a smart hub to use matter residences?
No, but you will need a device that can act as the controller for your Matter network. That device will need to be able to connect to your home’s local networks using Wi-Fi, Thread or Ethernet. Ideally, the device should be battery-powered and have no need to talk to the internet — but this may not always be possible, especially for older devices.

Your Matter controller will onboard and communicate with your devices, manage communications and automations, and facilitate remote access when needed. At launch, the four big platforms (Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings) all offer Matter-compatible controllers in their flagship smart speakers and hubs, as well as in their respective apps.

Many brands with existing Z-Wave or Zigbee-based products will be able to tie into Matter via bridges or a third-party hub that supports those standards. The Z-Wave Alliance has already promoted solutions for bridging to Matter, and chipmaker Silicon Labs is working on hardware as well. matter residences

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