M15 Gas Masks

During the Cold War the Soviet Union had huge underground warehouses full of equipment they hoped never to use. After the collapse of the Soviet Union some of these supplies got sold off to the West. This mask is one of those items.

Featuring a new unused 40mm NATO filter and drink tube this mask is ready for service. It offers protection against CN and CS hazard agents.

1. Fit

This Israeli civilian best gas masks has been used by the military and comes with a new 40mm NATO filter. It is a good choice for anyone looking to get an inexpensive mask that will still provide excellent NBC protection.

The flexible gasket conforms to different face shapes for a comfortable fit. It has a central voicemitter for clear, effective communication and is canteen-ready with safety connections for drinking in NBC environments.

A water canteen pouch is included so you don’t have to take your mask off to drink, reducing the risk of contamination. The drinking tube is large diameter for maneuverability and shuts off automatically to prevent contaminating the inside of your mask. It holds 1 quart. The canteen also has a clip on the back for secure attachment to your gear bag.

2. Comfort

The mask is made of a flexible rubber material that creates a tight seal around your face to protect you from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. It is lightweight and comfortable, and it fits a variety of facial structures. The five-strap elastic head harness is equipped with quick-release buckles, and it features a central voicemitter for clear and effective communication.

The durable and comfortable Israeli gas mask has an impact resistant cylindrical plastic lenses that provide a large field of vision. It also includes a universal drinking tube connection that can be used with any NATO 40mm filter canister.

The Israeli military grade gas mask is a must-have for any law enforcement and emergency response professional’s gear bag. It’s designed to work in a variety of environments, providing eye, face and respiratory protection against CN, CS and P100 particulates.

3. Breathability

Previously issued to Israeli military personnel these NBC protection masks are new and still sealed in their original bag. They provide NIOSH approved eye, face and respiratory protection against CN, CS and P100 particulates. The design provides optimum comfort and fit, while interfering minimally with performance of duties, employment of weapons and effective communication. They accept any standard 40 mm NATO filter and include a voice emitting diaphragm for clear effective communication.

The mask features large lenses for superior vision and a wide field of view. It also features a voicebox for improved verbal communication and an upgraded exhalation valve. A drinking tube assembly is included, making it easy to drink without taking the mask off. The canteen-ready feature makes this a great addition to your bugout or survival bag.

4. Ventilation

This is the updated model of the Israeli civilian gas mask issued to military personnel. It comes complete with voice box, universal drink tube and new filter canister. Designed for ABC (Atomic, Biological and Chemical) warfare. The filter canisters are compatible with a multitude of Salon civilian PAPR systems such as RESPO, INPRO and Multipro.

This rugged canteen holds 1 quart and clips to your belt or pack. The long drinking tube offers maneuverability and a shut off valve prevents contamination from water leaking into your mask.

The USGI M15 Gas Mask Pouch is the perfect addition to your bugout bag. It can also carry other items such as a spare battery, flashlight, first aid kit and more.

5. Ease of Use

The m15 is the standard issue gas mask for Israeli troops. It is known for its large lenses that provide excellent visibility and fits a variety of face shapes. The mask also features a voicemeter that allows you to communicate with other people using the mask.

For the manikin coughing with different face coverings, we measured the direction and distance of the front throughflow jet (solid yellow line) as well as filtered air that flew through the mask fabric or was redirected by a valve (red dashed line) or leaked out through seams and joints of the heavy-duty face shields and handmade masks (blue dotted line).

All but the FFP1 and FFP2 mask and the lightweight 3D-printed face shield that is opened at the bottom generate significant backward leakage jets that could disperse virus-laden fluid particles over several metres. This could pose major hazards for clinicians in a confined space such as intensive care.

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