Luxury Real Estate Branding: Become a Niche Expert

For luxury real estate marketing professionals, the easiest way to become the market leader is to select a niche within your marketplace and become the expert in that niche. A niche is a category or a sub-category in which you can specialize.

Here are three steps to becoming a niche expert in luxury real estate marketing. 1) The first step in niche marketing is selecting a niche; 2) The second step is finding the right niche for you, and; 3) Get started.

What Are the Major Niches In the Luxury Real Estate Realm?

1. Castles, mansions & ultra-luxurious estates

2. Golf properties

3. Eco luxury

4. Ski properties

5. Ocean waterfront properties

6. Historical properties

7. Downtown Condos & lofts

8. Lakefront properties

How Do I Select the Right Niche?

1. Select a niche in which you are personally interested, ideally passionate about.

2. Select a niche that no one is currently dominating or is not doing a very good job

3. Select a niche that you can represent better than anyone else in your marketplace

4. Select a niche where the properties are selling and the prices are substantial so that your commissions are significant

5. Select a niche where you can easily identify the major opinion leaders, community leaders and also vendors who are also interested in acquiring these home owners (and buyers) as customers/clients.

How Do I Get Started Marketing to My Niche?

1. Identify the movers and shakers within the niche and find a way to meet them.

2. Create a website that demonstrates that you are a specialist in this niche. Narrow the search criteria on the site so that is it easy to just search for properties within the niche.

3. Provide extensive information about the niche, via blogging and articles

4. Find out what is needed and wanted by asking home owners in this niche how you can help in the community or by offering some information or service apart from just selling homes (e.g., start an online community calendar and promote it to homeowners via postcards).

5. Create your personal brand around your niche. Become synonymous with the niche (e.g., The Waterfront Properties Expert).

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