Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

Cabinet manufacturers are responsible for manufacturing the cabinets and drawer boxes that make up the bulk of a kitchen. These products are then sold to a variety of outlets including builders, remodeling contractors, dealers, architects/designers, lumber yards and home centers such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. The largest producer of cabinets, Taylor, Michigan-based Masco Corporation, captures 21 percent of the market. The other two leading producers are American Woodmark, available at The Home Depot, and Shenandoah, distributed by Lowe’s.

Some companies also sell their product directly to consumers. These are often called customer-controlled orders and they allow a homeowner to log on to the manufacturer’s website and select cabinetry and color options, with the cabinet maker then completing the order for delivery. This approach has gained popularity, allowing homeowners the opportunity to customize their cabinets to fit their exact needs and tastes.

A good cabinet manufacturer will have a portfolio of their work. Look for high quality designs that reflect the clients vision and style and that have been completed on budget and on time.

Some cabinet manufacturers will have a label on the back of a cabinet drawer box or on an inside panel in a sink base cabinet that identifies the brand, door type, and construction details. If they do, snap a picture and keep it on hand so that when you need to reorder you can identify the manufacturer and order information easily. It is also a good idea to check out the warranty on their cabinets. A lifetime warranty is a good sign that the cabinet manufacturer has confidence in their products and is willing to stand behind them. kitchen cabinet manufacturers

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