How to Make Beautiful Paper Quilling Jewelry Earrings and Pendants

The lovely paper-rolling art of quilling is a great way to create unique shapes for greeting card embellishments and other decorative items. But this skill can also be used to make gorgeous earrings and pendants. To demonstrate some of the techniques involved, I designed this bonus project for Maker Festivals Colorado—along with 20 others you’ll find inside my new book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry (Interweave Press).

All you need to get started is 1/8” quilling paper, a needle or slotted quilling tool (though a toothpick will work in a pinch!), and your choice of acid-free glue. You’ll also want a non-stick surface on which to work, such as an acrylic sheet or a Styrofoam tray lined with a damp paper towel. And a clay modeling tool helps quillers easily form tight coils and shape them into their desired shapes.

To make this design, start with a piece of black/pink quilling paper and a small slotted tool. Curl the paper around the tool until you reach the end of the strip and the paper is in a teardrop shape. Then place the other half of the strip on top and pinch together to make a complete circle. Repeat the process with a second set of teardrop ring coils and a large domed tight coil. The result is an elegant pair of earring hoops.

If you prefer a more subtle shine, choose silver-edge ivory or gold-edge blue paper for your earrings. These strips have a slightly thicker and softer feel than standard printer paper and come in packs of fifty 1/8” x 24” (3 mm x 61 cm) strips. You can also order Dutch metallic-edge paper in a range of colors from three online retailers who import it directly from England. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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