How to Find a Lost Car Key

It’s been a long day and you are ready to go home, change into some comfy sweatpants, eat some pizza and binge-watch your favorite show. But, you can’t find your keys. It’s a nightmare scenario. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help you find your lost car key before it’s too late.

The first thing to do is retrace your steps. Remember, you may have dropped your keys somewhere, even if you don’t think it was intentional. If you were at a restaurant or another location, check with the owners or employees to see if they found your car key fob. They might just be sitting on the table or in the pocket of someone who was there before you.

If you’re at home, retrace your steps as well. Carefully recheck all of your pockets and bags, and feel around in any zippered areas where your car key could be hiding. You can also search inside your vehicle, especially under the floor mats and in that black hole that exists in every car between the center console and driver or passenger seat.

The best way to avoid losing your car keys is by making a copy in advance and keeping it somewhere safe and easy to retrieve. Having a spare can make replacing your keys much less of a hassle and expense, too. For more tips on how to prevent car theft, or to get a free quote on auto insurance, visit GEICO online.emergency locksmith

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