How to Choose Between Digital and Screen Printing Apparel

Custom screen printing apparel is an excellent way to show off your brand, promote a charity event or bring a team spirit to any group activity. The process is easy and affordable, and your design will be as durable as the shirt itself. However, with so many options out there, it’s hard to know which method to choose. The good news is that both methods have their strengths, and our artwork team will take into account all of the factors when determining which one to use for your project.

Garbage in equals garbage out

When it comes to designing your shirts, the quality of your artwork will have an impact on the final product. This is true for both digital and screen printing. The higher the quality of your artwork, the more detailed and vibrant your shirts will be. It is also important to understand how each printing method works, so that you can make an informed decision when deciding which one is best for your project.

Screen printing uses a mesh fabric stencil stretched over a frame to transfer an image onto a shirt or other garment. A single screen is used for each color, and before printing begins, the screens are registered to ensure that they print correctly. Ink is then pushed through the screen one color at a time, and the garment is put into a dryer to cure the inks.

With the right tools and training, this is a simple and cost-effective process. Whether you are looking to print a few shirts or thousands, custom screen printing is an excellent choice for bulk orders.

While digital printing is a great option for small orders, screen printing is still the best choice for large projects. Screen printing allows for a high-quality finish and a wide range of colors, and it is ideal for creating uniforms or logo shirts for a business or sports team.

When you’re looking for a custom screen printing shop in NY, you want to find one that is known for their quality work and fast turn-around. You’ll also want to consider the price point, and be sure to ask about the type of apparel you’re interested in. For example, jersey cotton shirts are usually cheaper than t-shirts made of other materials. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that custom screen printing takes time, and new screens need to be created for each order. Therefore, it’s best to plan ahead and allow a few days to a week for your shirts to be ready. You may also want to consider getting a couple of samples before you place your order so that you can see the exact quality of your finished product. This will help you avoid any surprises once your shirts are delivered. It’s a good idea to try out a few different styles and printing techniques before you decide which one is best for your project. Then, you can be confident that your shirts will look perfect and represent your company well. custom screen printing apparel

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