How Does an Online Personal Trainer Work?

Online personal training can be a great way to stay accountable whilst staying focused on your goals and maximising results. It can also break down other barriers that may get in the way of one-to-one PT sessions – such as cost and location. However, it is important to note that there are many different ways that trainers can work online – so it’s really important to find a trainer or business that suits you and your clients.

Most online PTs will either ask clients to complete an onboarding questionnaire and/or have a face-to-face consultation. They will then put together a bespoke programme that is designed to meet the client’s goals. The best online PTs will go beyond the exercise and nutrition aspects of their programmes and, depending on their qualifications (a Level 3 Personal Trainer will be able to give nutritional advice), they might suggest other lifestyle tweaks that can turbo-charge results e.g. tracking calories, adjusting sleeping habits, etc.

Lastly, the trainer will then keep in touch with their clients, usually via email, phone or Zoom (depending on time zone compatibility). They will check-in regularly to see how they’re progressing and offer any support and motivation that’s needed. This is what makes a good online PT different from the rest.

However, it is important to note that many people choose to train in-person with a traditional PT as they prefer the human contact and accountability. This is perfectly normal and it’s something that all PT’s should be open to. Pt Online

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