Houston Plumbing Supply Store

From Business: Founded in September 1980, Northside Plumbing Supply started as a small building on the north side of Houston with just a few pickup trucks for deliveries. Today the company is a leader in supplying builders and contractors with quality products, excellent customer service and fair prices. Their strong relationships with vendors and customers help them provide the best material available on time and at the right price. They also strive for exceptional work ethic and the best customer service.

houston plumbing supply store

The demand for plumbing supplies in the wake of the winter freeze is so high that some home improvement stores are struggling to get them in stock. A Cypress Ace Hardware store manager tells KTRK that he drove to Alabama just to bring in some fresh copper, which isn’t the only product that’s scarce. Homeowners who’ve experienced pipe bursts are especially desperate for replacement parts. Plumbers are trained to repair leaks and identify their source so future problems can be avoided. They can also clear out clogged pipes and fixtures. When hiring a plumber, it’s important to vet them thoroughly, particularly for more expensive projects. Look for a licensed contractor who has good reviews and sufficient industry experience.

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