Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection

Skin Whitening Injection is a popular cosmetic procedure in which whitening agents are injected into the body. The injections work by inhibiting melanocyte pigment cells and decreasing the production of melanin in the skin. They also reduce pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is used by many celebrities and is available at our clinics.

However, this treatment is not for everyone and should only be done under the care of a professional. This is because the injections can be toxic when taken improperly. Moreover, it is not safe for pregnant or nursing mothers. Those with liver disease or other medical conditions should also avoid this treatment. Moreover, the results of this treatment are not permanent and the skin will return to its natural color once you stop taking it.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that the liver produces naturally in the body. It is known as the ‘mother of all antioxidants’ and it detoxifies your body, improves immunity and gives you glowing, radiant skin. It also blocks tyrosinase, an enzyme that causes pigmentation. It is not a surprise that it has become a favourite beauty ingredient.

Glutathione injections are given intravenously (through a vein). Unlike topical and oral treatments, this method bypasses the stomach’s digestive enzymes. It is recommended to have eight to ten sessions for best results. This treatment is not advisable for people with a history of liver disease or liver cancer and those who are taking anticoagulants.

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