Fenben Lab

Fenben Lab is a new company that has launched a huge marketing campaign promoting their “fenbendazole”. It is a sulfonamide antihelmintic drug that can be purchased from some pharmacies and over the internet. It is sold as a cancer treatment and has been reported to work very well in conjunction with immunotherapies.

It has been shown to destroy a wide variety of parasites (particularly the trematode genus of worms) and has some antitumor activity as well. The molecule binds to b-tubulin and prevents its function, thereby disrupting the microtubules that are needed for the organism’s organic functioning. It also has some antitumor activity in animal models.

Several studies have tested the hypothesis that fenbendazole, a widely used antihelmintic drug, might be useful in combination therapy with radiation or chemotherapy for cancers of the mammary gland. These studies found that intensive treatment regimens of fenbendazole in mice produced additive cytotoxic effects when combined with radiation or chemotherapy.

In addition, fenbendazole has been found to have significant toxicity in populations of Gyps vultures that feed on carcasses of livestock animals on the Indian subcontinent. This toxicity appears to be similar to that of the diclofenac that is toxic to vultures when consumed from carcasses of domestic cattle and buffalo, as well as in Cape Griffons (Gyps coprotheres). Metabolic similarities and phylogenetic relationships among species within the Gyps genus suggest that other avian species, apart from the species used in these experiments, might be susceptible to fenbendazole toxicity as well. fenben lab fenbendazol

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