Explosion Proof Actuator ATEX

Explosion Proof Actuator ATEX

Explosion proof actuators are used in hazardous locations where the presence of flammable gases or dust could cause an explosion. They are fitted with an ATEX linear solenoid and a special steel housing with connector for the protective conductor to ensure compliance with the ATEX guidelines.

When an ATEX certified electric actuator is installed in a Zone 1 gas or Zone 2 dust atmosphere, it can operate safely. The ATEX nameplate will show the Notified Body reference (Ex d), Equipment Group (IIC or IIIC) Temperature Class and Protection Level (Db or Gb). Some devices may be dual certified for Gas and Dust environments.

The main difference between an ATEX and standard supervised linear solenoid is that the ATEX linear solenoid has no electrical parts within it which means there is no spark generation inside the actuator. It is also built with a larger housing to withstand higher pressures and is fire treated.

In addition, the ATEX linear solenoid has a different connector with a safety lock that ensures no accidental opening of the electrical connection. The safety locks are compatible with most standard UL and NEMA plugs and are supplied as spares with each unit.

The actuator moves the blades of a multileaf damper into OPEN or CLOSED position upon receipt of control input signal. The control input signal can be generated electrically with 2-wire control or compressed air. For applications where the control input signal is electrically, the actuator can be controlled using a standard 2-wire PLC or using an ATEX approved PLC with 4-20mA Inputs and Outputs. Explosion Proof Actuator ATEX

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