Effective Resume Formats

Effective resume formats are those that help job seekers make a good impression. They are ATS-friendly, so they will pass through the applicant tracking system without glitches (ATS are software programs that screen resumes even before human recruiters see them). They also highlight work experience and relevant skills. This is the best resume format for those who want to climb the corporate ladder, or if you are applying for jobs within your field of expertise.

A functional resume is less popular, but it provides a narrowly focused and curated window into your professional experiences. It puts the spotlight on your skill set rather than on employment history, and it can be a great option for people who are changing careers, have limited or no job experience, have a lot of employment gaps or who are overqualified for a role.

If you choose this resume format, be sure to include relevant projects and achievements that are related to your target role in the first section of your document. Try to quantify deliverables and other metrics like budget, timeline for completion and number of stakeholders involved. Also include additional training and certifications that are relevant to the position you are seeking (e.g., first aid and CPR).

Use the second section of your document to highlight your career progression in a reverse-chronological fashion. Be sure to mention the name of the companies you worked for, your position at each job, and the dates of your employment. Include a final section where you highlight your education with a summary of your academic credentials, the name of the university that conferred your degree and any other relevant training or certifications. Effective resume formats

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