Dream a Little Dream of Me Lyrics

Dream a Little Dream of Me is a beautiful song that inspires the listener. It tells the story of a loving couple bidding each other goodnight and wishing for sweet dreams. The lyrics of this classic have been inspiring people for generations, evoking feelings of love and hope. The melody of the song is also captivating and creates a mood that is both dreamlike and melancholy.

The original version of this classic was recorded by Ozzie Nelson and his orchestra in 1931. The song became an instant hit and remained popular over the years. A number of artists have also recorded their versions of the song, including Louis Armstrong, Barbara Carroll, Doris Day, and Natalie Cole. The Mamas & the Papas released their version of the song in 1968, which catapulted it into greater popularity.

Cass Elliot’s version of the song is considered to be one of the best covers of this classic. She regularly performed the song with the Mamas & the Papas and as a solo artist. Her vocals on this song are amazing, and the song’s lyrics are very touching.

English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams also recorded a version of the song for his 2013 album Swings Both Ways. He duetted with Lily Allen on the LP version of the song, but she was dropped for the single release. He also added a little whistling to his rendition of the song, which makes it more unique than the other versions. dream a little dream of me lyrics

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