Documenting and Reporting Sales Through an Online Store

Documenting and reporting sales through an online store involves tracking a variety of e-commerce metrics, consolidating them and visualizing them in a format that gives stakeholders insights into the business. There are 5 types of sales reports that most e-commerce businesses use:

  1. Sales by Date
    This report is a clear, concise daily overview of the sales that have occurred through your online store. It is important to track this number on a daily basis to see how your business is performing and to make adjustments accordingly. If the number begins to decrease, take a look at why this is happening and implement a strategy to increase it.
  2. Sales by Product
    This sales report breaks down your product sales by category so that you can analyze performance and identify areas where you might want to improve the experience or product offering for your customers. It also gives you the opportunity to determine if a particular product line is profitable for your business or not. For example, if you sell dog leashes and no one searches for them online, the product may be too expensive to manufacture or purchase wholesale and might not be a good fit for your business model.
  3. Sales by Discount
    This sales report shows the value of orders sorted by the name of the discount that was used, such as Automatic Discount Name or Discount Code. This helps you see which discounts are generating the most sales. Документиране и отчитане на продажбите чрез онлайн магазин

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