Divorce Lawyer in Haifa

While a happy marriage is not always possible, Hait Family Law can help you resolve conflicts in your relationship without resorting to divorce. We can provide you with options such as reconciliation, mediation, or a written separation agreement to set forth clear guidelines for the future in case of a breakup.

In a divorce, many issues need to be addressed including the division of assets, child custody, alimony, and the GET (Jewish marriage document). An experienced Family Law attorney can guide you through these complex matters while addressing your individual needs and sensitivity.

We understand the emotional strain of a divorce and are dedicated to helping our clients through this difficult time. Whether you need help navigating the Israeli family court system or need assistance with a prenuptial agreement, child abduction or international relocation matter with an Israel connection, Jay Hait and his team at Hait Family Law are here to support you.

To find a Divorce lawyer in Haifa, you can search our large database of attorneys or firms that specialize in family law. You can filter your search by region, language, sex, and more to ensure you find the best lawyer for your specific needs. If you need a lawyer immediately, you can also contact one of our listed attorneys and they will be available for you to consult with in person. In most cases, our listed lawyers are able to assist you with your case on the same day or within 24 hours of your request. עורך דין גירושין בחיפה

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