Choosing Moving Companies

A moving company—also known as a van line or removalist—helps individuals and

businesses relocate from one place to another. These companies can help with

everything from packing, loading and moving items to storing them in storage units

until they’re needed. These companies can be national or local and may operate

through franchises, an affiliate network or a cooperative.

The best movers are experienced and skilled, as well as highly dedicated to their

work. These professionals know how to properly move furniture and other household

goods, including delicate items like electronics, so they can avoid damage and keep

your belongings safe during transport. Choosing the right movers also means finding

a company that offers the services you need at the right price. The cheapest movers

often have less flexible pricing, while the most expensive may offer full value

protection insurance—which is more comprehensive but also more costly.

Many moving companies offer add-on services to make the relocation process easier

and less stressful. These may include cleaning services, vehicle shipping or storage,

and specialized item handling. Some of these companies also provide a free home

inventory, which helps determine how much you’ll pay for your move. In order to get

an accurate estimate, you should always ask for one from a company representative

—not a sales agent—and be prepared to answer questions about your home and

what items will need to be moved.

When selecting a moving company, look for one with a large nationwide network

and extensive services. Allied Van Lines, for example, operates in all states and

internationally and offers full-service, self-service and DIY options. Its movers have a

minimum of 10 years of experience and receive dedicated training in specialty

items, so they can handle just about anything. The company also offers a free

month of storage and other worthwhile perks, such as real-time GPS tracking and

supplemental insurance.

You’ll likely encounter some snags with your moving plans, and you want to be sure

that the moving company you choose can adapt to those challenges. The most

reputable companies will have a track record of reliability and responsiveness, as

well as quality service. Check out the moving company’s online reviews to see how

satisfied previous customers were with their moves and customer service.

While some companies, such as U-Pack, only offer moving containers for long

distance moves, others, like Moving APT, have a national network and full-service

and DIY moving options. They can handle local, interstate and international moves,

as well as storage, car shipping and military relocations.

Some moving companies are brokers, while others own and operate their own trucks

and staff. The difference in pricing can be significant, so it’s important to compare

quotes from several companies. Some movers, such as Mayzlin Relocation, will

negotiate pricing to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, while others

are known for their excellent customer service. For example, Mayzlin’s sales agents

will do their best to secure discounts for you, and they even offer one month of free

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