Choosing a Flake Ice Machine

Unlike cube ice machines that make a single size of ice, flake ice machine produce a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The ice produced can be used for several different applications in commercial foodservice settings, including cooling seafood and produce preservation, cooling mass concrete pour projects, and more. Our selection of flake ice machines features high volume units that can supply large quantities of ice throughout the day to keep up with demand without overtaxing the commercial refrigeration system.

Often referred to as shaved or crushed ice, this type of ice is soft and malleable and can easily assume the shape of any container it is placed in. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for ice trays or buffet displays, and for keeping food cold in seafood or salad bar applications. It can also be used to make snow cones and other frozen beverages.

In addition to the amount of ice a machine produces, you should consider its energy efficiency and operating costs when choosing a model. Look for high-efficiency models that can reduce water consumption and electricity use to cut your utility bills. Also, look for a unit that is designed for long-lasting durability to stand up to the toughest conditions in the kitchen.

Flake ice machines are powered by either an electric or gas engine, with some even offering solar power options for environmentally friendly operation. They feature a unique ice production process that uses a heat-exchange coil to freeze a stream of water, which is then ejected into a bin. Some machines produce a single type of ice, while others can switch between two types (such as nugget and flake) at the touch of a button.

As with cube ice machines, there are many different types of flake ice machines available on the market, including remote-cooled and air-cooled. Air-cooled units are the most common and vent heat into the surrounding air, which helps to keep utilities low. Remote-cooled machines feature a separate condenser that is located away from the ice machine to further lower utilities and noise levels in the restaurant or other commercial environment.

Regardless of which type of ice machine you choose, it is essential to maintain your unit properly to ensure it works at peak performance. Regular maintenance, like cleaning the ice maker’s basket and removing any excess water or frost, will help to improve performance, longevity, and reliability. The best flake ice machine will provide years of trouble-free service. flake ice machine

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