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 sandals provide a little extra of it all; a little extra space for the feet to breathe and thus, extra relaxation. Be it a casual pool party or a BBQ at your best friend’s backyard, sandals would be the first choice of footwear.It is cool and casual just like the ambiance. But above all, they are unpretentious and yet, unquestionably, very stylish. However, a lot depends on how it is worn and what it is worn with. For instance, sandals for men are best paired with khaki shorts and very casual t-shirts. But sporting them with something little formal than that, could be disastrous.Starting from the most casual-the thong sandals, to something more dressier,

there are a variety of men’s sandals available in the market.Sure, finding the right pair of sandals for the right occasion can be a little overwhelming.Fortunately, these categorised varieties often help the customer to narrow down his search.But the search could be fun if you are sure about what you are looking for.Similar to any branded men shoes in Dubai, sandals too can be identified by their looks and make. Accordingly,

there are dress, casual and sporty sandals for men. Here is how you can go about it:Dress Sandals: If you are looking for something sleek and sophisticated, opt for sandals which cover most of your feet.Some of them are slip-ons while others have straps going around the ankle for proper support.When you buy sandals online, go for leather and suede materials if you are opting for this type of sandal.Boat shoes, clogs, moccasins, fisherman sandal etc.are a good example. Active Sandals: As the name suggests, this type of sandals is designed for sports and adventure related activities.They have a very strudy, yet flexible sole to give your feet a good grip.You can find them in an array of styles.Most popular are the sneakers style sandals which look quite like regular sneakers, but have small openings and the sides for ventilation.Casual Sandals: These sandals need no introduction.A collection of even the most Men footwear in Dubai is incomplete with casual shoes.This is something you wear everyday; when you meet a friend or when you have to run errands.They are even worn at home because they are so comfortable.Flip-flops, thongs and slip-on sandals are the best example of this type.To get more choices in all products,a better alternative is to shop online.When you buy sandals online, the biggest advantage is that you get an array of popular brands altogether.Not just that, the products are sold at much reasonable rate.Such an advantage gives the customer a feeling of exlusivity which no retail shop can provide. cute sandals for women

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