Buy Handbags From Italy Online

A quality handbag is a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. Italian leather bags are famous worldwide for their timeless elegance and high-level craftsmanship. They are a symbol of status and they are designed to last for many years.

This classic shoulder bag from a Florence-based brand is perfect for travelling as it’s small enough to not be clunky and a magnet for junk, but still big enough to house your passport, travel money, credit cards, sunglasses, and even a little make up. Its sturdy construction makes it a good choice for women who are concerned about bag snatching, as its cross shoulder strap design means that someone would have to wrench pretty hard to get this bag free of your arm.

If you’re looking for something more casual, try this pochette from Rome-based brand Marta Ray. This buttery soft piece comes in a myriad of bright colors and is easy to dress up or down. It’s also incredibly functional, with its double stitching and the fact that it sits right under your arm so that you can keep an eye on your belongings without worrying about someone stealing it from you.

Dolce & Gabanna are another Milan-based brand that is a great option for those who like to have fun with their accessories. This collection features edgy bags that bring to mind a biker gang, as well as simple purses with a quirky surprise (like a handle designed to look like a fork). Iacobella, another Florence-based label, was founded after the designer’s trip to South America in 2019. The company focuses on sustainability and recycles unused leather scraps into new designs. handbags from italy online

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