Best HVAC Scales

Best HVAC scales are one of the essential tools for an HVAC Technician as they help them in calculating how much refrigerant should be placed or removed from the refrigeration system. These scales also help them charge their clients accurately for the services they render and keep the refrigeration system working at energy efficient, optimal performance levels.

If you are looking for an ideal refrigerant charging scale then you should definitely go with the Elitech LMC-200 220lbs. This refrigerant scale is a sturdy, reliable and accurate piece of machinery that offers a number of features like easy operating system, backlight LCD display and automatic turn off feature. It also supports three modes for measuring including kg, lbs and oz and can be switched easily.

Another great option for those who are on a budget can be the Zeny Refrigeration Scale. This scale is quite affordable and comes with a hard carrying case to protect it while you are traveling. It also offers a 1-year warranty for its users.

When it comes to weighing refrigerant, you should make sure that the cylinder is empty and that it is completely sealed before placing it on the scale. This will ensure that the scale reads the correct weight and doesn’t give you an inaccurate reading. Moreover, it is important to remember that the refrigerant must be at the same temperature as the air that you are using when you are determining the weight of the cylinder. Best HVAC scales

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