Anti-Tarnishing Silver Cloth

Silver cloth is an anti-tarnish fabric made from a 100% cotton flannel that’s impregnated with special silver chemicals. It’s used to make tarnish-proof bags, pouches and rolls. You can also line drawers in china cabinets with it to protect the silverware inside.

This silver cloth can be found at some craft stores and in online stores that specialize in silver. You can also buy it by the yard. It’s an inexpensive way to prevent tarnishing on your sterling silver jewelry and flatware.

The chemically treated cloth has a soft, velvety surface that helps to remove tarnish and dirt from the silver. It’s ideal for cleaning detailed rings and bracelets, and it cleans quickly and efficiently without scratching the silver or damaging the plated surface. It also keeps the silver shiny after it’s cleaned and polishes tarnished silver.

Many people use tarnish prevention products, such as silver tabs or bags, to keep their silver jewelry from tarnishing. These products work by reacting with the tarnish causing gases in the air to stop them from reacting with the silver and creating a tarnish spot. Some of these tarnish protection products are reusable, and others need to be replaced periodically.

Pacific Silvercloth is a tarnish-preventing fabric that has been embedded with thousands of silver particles in the production process. This makes the fabric much more effective than other tarnish-inhibiting fabrics that don’t contain silver, such as those made with zinc. The tarnish-causing pollutants in the air will first react with the silver in the fabric and discolor it, leaving the silver articles stored inside safe from tarnishing.

Because it can be cut and sewn, the silver-impregnated cloth is a popular choice for making custom tarnish-proof bags, pouches, or rolls. It’s also used to line the drawers of china cabinets so that silverware stays tarnish-free and easy to find.

Using a piece of this fabric in a tight-fitting storage chest will prevent tarnishing for up to 20 years. It can also be used to make a custom bag or roll for silver jewelry and flatware, or to line drawers in china cabinets. This silver cloth can be purchased at stores that sell sterling silver, or you can order it online or in some home improvement and crafts stores. It’s available at a variety of widths and is sold by the yard. It’s not recommended to wash the fabric, as it will remove the special anti-tarnish treatment. It’s best to purchase a long piece of the material, rather than multiple shorter pieces, so that you have enough to cover what you need to protect. The fabric is made in the USA.

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