All You Need to Know About Vacuum Excavation

This process is basically used for removing any type of material from a certain area. It’s used for excavating dirt, mud or some unwanted material from underground utilities. Vacuum excavation is a perfect choice for doing work without causing any unnecessary damage to the site. By using hydro-excavation, the surrounding area and soil stay firmly compacted. The underground cabling and pipework aren’t damaged compared to the traditional method.

It’s also a safer alternative to the traditional process of digging. And since safety is crucial in every construction venture, the vacuum excavation system is quite accurate. In fact, the introduction of vacuum excavation results in fewer injuries and damage to the workers who are performing the action.Where is Vacuum Excavation Applicable?

Vacuum excavation can be used in most of the jobs that would require digging. Therefore, some of the points where vacuum excavation finds its application and it is ideal for are:

• Excavation of street light and power poles

• Sign or pole installation

• Sewer and pipe rehabilitation

• Safe exposure of underground utilities

• Removal of rail ballast

• Pit cleaning and maintenance

• Excavation around the tree roots

• Conduit cleaning and stingingWhat Is a Vacuum Truck?

Vacuum excavation trucks are also called suction excavators. These trucks are specialized and fitted with waste storage space, air lance, vacuum suction, and twin vehicle fans. The vac trucks do all the work, from the very start, which includes breaking up of the soil, then using heated water and air suction. The waste material is placed within the truck waste storage space and later on, it’s disposed of.

Different types of vacuum trucks are distinguished according to the size of their tank. The most common sizes are 3000L and 6000L. If you’re having doubts about whether you should choose a conventional excavator or a vacuum excavator, then you should go for a vacuum excavator. This is because the later one is more efficient and can reach sixteen times greater output when compared to the regular, conventional alternative. zemní práce

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